“Why give to STMC?”

Because we need to continue to build compassionate, respectful, empathetic young people and our Knights embody that every single day.

~ Chris Rickaby, STMC alumni parent, donor and volunteer

I personally give back what little that I can because I feel like it matters.

~ STMC staff member and donor

“With more resources we can do even more!”

We already have such a great community here and I believe with more resources we can do even more to help benefit our community as a whole, especially our students. And if we have more resources, we will be able to further develop our programs for our students here. 

~ Lauren Walker, STMC grad 2017

"I enjoyed my grade 12 immensely. I began to appreciate the value of what STMC had to offer. Yes, I became the person I could be with the inspiration and belief of teachers who knew all along my potential, and my mother who never gave up on me." ~ STMC grad 2015

“Impact of generosity on people.”

With generosity that we’ve received (in the past) from donors and families and from people who have bought into STMC and believe in STMC, you get to see the effect that it has on people in our community. It’s a very special thing to see what that generosity and what those gifts do for kids 

~ Donor and former STMC staff member

“Thinking of giving?”

If you’re willing to give and not sure why, just come walk the halls, watch how the students interact with each other and how much they care and support each other. Watch the teachers interact and see the relationships they have with our students and then you’ll understand that you could be comfortable in giving to the school because it’s a place that matters and it’s a place that is important.

~ Aaron Mitchell, STMC Jr. Vice-Principal / donor