The Knights Annual Fund supports a transformational learning experience and environment for our Knights

“Donors who are considering a gift to STMC would appreciate knowing that they are investing in a community that is highly invested themselves. It’s a group of students, parents and teachers who just don’t just see it as a school or a place of work but as a second home and a second family."  ~  STMC staff member
About the Knights Annual Fund

Launched for the first time in fall 2017, the Knights Annual Fund addresses the current and emerging needs of STMC so the school can continue to deliver the best possible transformational learning experience for our Knights. Together, as a community, we can accomplish greater things and make STMC a great place to be.

Funding Areas
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Each year the STMC Principal and President determine, in consultation with the STMC staff, the priority funding areas of the school where gifts to the Knights Annual Fund will be designated to. See a listing of the areas where your gift will make an impact.


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The Knights Annual Fund campaign aims to foster a tradition of giving in the STMC community. The school continues to exist today and is well-positioned to advance into the future for the next generation because of the commitment of the many people who make STMC a special place to be. For frequently asked questions, go to the link below.